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Custom Web Hosting

Starting from $8.25 AUD Monthly

Custom Managed Hosting

Starting from $15.25 AUD Monthly

Custom Design & SEO

$33.25 AUD Save  75 %
Starting from $8.25 AUD Monthly

24/7/365 Customer Support

We’re here when you need us most.

Money-Back Guarantee

Industry leading 90-day full money-back guarantee.

cPanel & WHM Included

Easily manage databases, subdomains, and users.

Free One-Click Installs

Install over 400+ popular website apps with 1-click.
Fast & Simple

Start customize your hosting services in four simple steps

1 Choose from Web, Managed or Design & SEO plan

2 Select how much Storage, CPU limit & Memory you need

3 We povision or migrate your hosting

4 Upgrade or downsize your resources anytime.

Custom Hosting Package

Get the hosting solution that fits your business perfectly!

Our custom hosting solution provides you with the freedom to tailor your hosting package to your exact specifications. Whether you want more or less in your package, our team of experts is here to help you make it happen. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect hosting solution for your business, so you can focus on what really matters - growing your business.
Custom Hosting - Get the hosting solution that fits your business perfectly!
Powerful Hosting Management

Advanced hosting management tools via cPanel control panel

cPanel is an advanced hosting control panel that your clients can use to manage their own hosting. Its extensive suite of easy-to-use tools enables them to carry out a wide range of admin tasks covering all aspects of their hosting, including adding new domains, DNS, email management, website security, traffic monitoring, 1-click app installer, webspace and file management and much more.
Custom Hosting - Advanced hosting management tools via cPanel control panel
Account Management Tools

Custom cPanel hosting lets you take control

Choose from stand-alone hosting, design & SEO, or managed hosting options to build a package that caters to your specific business requirements. Say goodbye to features you don't need and say hello to the perfect combination of hosting services that meet your needs.
Custom Hosting - Custom cPanel hosting lets you take control
Custom Hosting Features

The best custom hosting platform

Choose from CPU Limit 100% to 1000%

CPU or "central processing units" are the brains behind the scenes, handling information requests and executing the programs running on your website. The larger the CPU capacity you have, the more data the server can handle before your website starts to slow down.

SSD Cloud from as little as 1GB to as much as 100GB

Guaranteed high uptime -Fast website loading- Smooth performance- Increased data redundancy and security- Easy and rapid scaling- A simple cPanel for administration.

Random Access Memory 1GB to 16GB

With insufficient RAM, your site will not be able to sustain even a little traffic surge. Your website may have a "Resource Limited Exceeded" error, which will leave a negative impression on your visitors. With custom hosting, you can upgrade or downgrade your RAM limit depending on your seasonal traffic. 

One Click App Installer

Create websites in seconds with free industry-leading software from our control panel. You can install Wordpress & Woocommerce apps with just one click.

Hourly Backups & Restores

Get instant access within your control panel to our backup archive that is completed hourly.

Free SSL Encryption

Wildcard SSL to the every websites hosted on our servers and they are secured with Wildcard SSL at no additional cost. Your website always secure with https. Just one click away for your free SSL.

Brand Your Business

Custom White labeled Reseller Hosting

Tailor your hosting services under your brand, complete with custom server names, logos, and branding. Provide a seamless, professional experience to your clients. 

Unbranded Server Names

Deliver a professional touch to your clients with Unbranded Server Names. Our Reseller hosting offers white-labeled servers, allowing you to showcase your brand exclusively.

Custom Nameservers

We provide white label nameservers as standard with all of our reseller hosting plans and also let you create custom nameservers free of charge.

Your Brand Colors

You can also brand the control panel for your customers - add your logo, set the color scheme and so on, so you can deliver your own custom website.

Migrate Your Business

Fast and easy migration to our servers

Effortlessly transfer to our platform from various hosts, including cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, and WordPress-based providers. If you're switching from another source, our Support Team is ready to assist. Enjoy seamless migration with zero downtime and no data loss risk, backed by our dedicated technical experts.
24/7 Technical Support

Our technical team is here to help you 24/7!

Our top-notch support team is a source of pride. They're available whenever you need them, ensuring uninterrupted assistance. Experience unparalleled support for your services, including servers, websites, mailboxes, and more. Discover hosting support that sets the standard for excellence.
Custom Hosting - Our technical team is here to help you 24/7!

Frequently asked questions

What hosting options do you offer?

We offer various hosting options, including stand-alone hosting, design & SEO hosting, and managed hosting.

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