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Turning your concept website into reality – Part 1

Started a business or a hobby? Have you got a concept website in mind but not sure how to get it on the web? Website design can be hard and a draining task if you don’t have the knowledge or the know how to build a site. Over the next month, you can learn how to build one with ease.

1 | Knowing what you need in your site.

This is the first step! writing it down or drawing it on paper can make it easier even when it comes to choosing a CMS and template.

What is your site? A business selling services and/or information on what you provide as a business? Or are you selling goods and services? Or a blog? This is a very important question as the answer will lead you to pick a CMS. What is a CMS? Content Management System! Most are open-source and free, these are the bases of even the most popular websites out there. eBay uses Magento and is the most popular e-commerce CMS in the world, others are Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and Open Cart.turning-concept-website-reality-P1

Having a logo or logo concept is the next step, this will also help with colors and backgrounds.

Next write a spill about what you provide as a business and what services you provide to the community, in most cases this will be on the front page and indexed by google search engine. Don’t go over board! having too much information on your website can be confusing and your site has to have a purpose that can be understood.

Layout is next, think about your layout this can be made easy if you understand what the layout is. From top to bottom – Header (logo), top a (banner), top b (business spill), sidebar L (menu), sidebar R (contact form), bottom a (content), bottom b (contact info), footer (copy right). This is just an idea and you can change it up to whatever you want.

As far as content goes, take photos and make videos! you can do what ever your heart desire as long as it works and looks good! You will be surprise what photos and videos go viral! You and your business may get spotted.

In closing – have fun and enjoy the time you have with your idea, time doesn’t matter! Write or draw your idea on paper, get it out of your head! I have found that the concept I had in my head was better when I put it on paper.

NEXT TIME: Installing and setting up your website| Part 2.

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