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 Changing your HOSTS file before DNS propagation

After buying a domain, it may take up to 2 days before it propagates. Below is a workaround to access the new site while the domain is propagated. http://123.456.789.159/~domain/is no longer...

 How do I cancel my domain name?

Domain names are invoiced 28 days before domain expire and payment due 14 days from the expiry date. To cancel you domain please: - Log into the iShout Hosting portal - Click on 'Domains' -...

 How do I edit domain contact information?

If you need to change your domain contact information, you can do so via the client portal at https://ishout-hosting.com.au/client-portal/clientarea. Once you are logged into the client portal: -...

 How do I unlock my domain?

Domains must be unlocked before transfer or any setting such as name servers being updated. This can be done by:- navigating to the domain tab.- under the Managment Tools tab click, domain unlock...

 What are your nameservers?

Business Web Hosting Customers: Primary: ns1.ishout-hosting.com.au Secondary: ns2.ishout-hosting.com.auThired/backup: ns3.ishout-hosting.com.au

 What does Object status prohibits operation mean?

The domain is locked. Unlock the domain to change settings.