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 How do I Pay my Invoice??

1) Login to the client area with the email and password you signed up with. If  you have lost or forgotton your password you can also reset it.2) Click on Billing --> My Invoices3) View the Invoice to be paid.  4)...

 What are your nameservers?

Business Web Hosting Customers: Primary: Secondary:

 Email Settings

Needing to setup your email but not sure what the settings are? All email settings are in your cPanel account. 1. Login to iShout-Hosting client area Click "Services"3. In...

 How do I edit domain contact information?

If you need to change your domain contact information, you can do so via the client portal at Once you are logged into the client portal: - Navigate to "Domains"  - Click on the...

 How do I cancel my domain name?

Domain names are invoiced 28 days before domain expire and payment due 14 days from the expiry date. To cancel you domain please: - Log into the iShout Hosting portal - Click on 'Domains' - Select the domain name you wish to cancel -...